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Elite Equine offers complete and comprehensive lameness exams. Exams include an evaluation of the horse statically (standing) and in motion with a complete set of flexions, jogging and observing in a lunge. Based off the exam Dr. Zach will offer the best next step regarding diagnostics and treatment. Most all diagnostics will be performed in the field using a wireless and mobile x-ray machine and/or mobile ultrasound. Once a diagnosis is made the appropriate treatment plan will be initiated. Most all treatments can be performed in the field and include: therapeutic joint injections, ProStride injections, chiropractic care, etc.

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Dr. Zach has been trained and performing equine chiropractic care for 3 years now. He went through a 5-week intensive educational course and is certified with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). Equine chiropractic care has shown tremendous improvements in the overall athletic ability for many performance horse patients. A chiropractic exam evaluates the horse in motion to make sure no underlying primary lameness is present prior to performing the adjustments.

Chiropractic care uses a series of whole body adjustments to restore the natural range of motion into a joint space on the horse’s body. Chiropractic care can address many issues a rider may be experiencing with their horse such as:

  • Back soreness
  • Tail swishing
  • Restricted range of motion (neck, limbs, etc)
  • Muscle Soreness

The great thing with chiropractic care is that it is a non-invasive well-tolerated therapeutic approach to many clinical issues a horse may be experiencing. It is important to note that Dr. Zach uses both traditional veterinary medicine combined with the integrative approach of chiropractic care to best diagnose and treat your horse.


Dr. Zach is certified in equine Kinesio-taping. This is a great non-invasive technique to help horses with a variety of issues. The kinesio-tape is applied to specific areas of the horse’s body to help promote blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage and decrease inflammation.


Thinking about purchasing a new horse? Pre-purchase exams are ESSENTIAL in making sure your next horse can carry out its desired occupation to the best of its ability. The basic pre-purchase exam starts with a detailed full physical and lameness exam. From that point the potential buyer dictates the extent of the exam with additional diagnostics such as radiographs. After the pre-purchase exam, a finalized copy on clinic letterhead will be written up and emailed to the client.


Elite Equine is equipped with advanced mobile diagnostic capabilities to help aid in diagnosing and treating conditions in the field. The Cuattro Slate 6 is the newest mobile digital x-ray system provided by Cuattro. This x-ray machine is completely wireless, digital and mobile which makes on the farm diagnostics fast and easy. Elite Equine also has a mobile ultrasound unit. This provides high quality imaging for tendon/ligament injuries and can be utilized for medical work ups such as colic and other aliments when indicated.

All other advanced diagnostic equipment: upper airway and gastric endoscopy, MRI and bone scans will be referred to referral centers in the surrounding areas.


Elite Equine offers all of your general health and wellness needs from yearly vaccines and coggins to nutritional consults and wellness issues. A variety of vaccines are offered from the AAEP recommended core vaccinations to the risk based vaccines such as strangles. All coggins will be submitted through Global Vet Link. The finalized test will be provided electronically and all copies are originals. This is extremely beneficial if your coggins are lost throughout the year or if you would like multiple print outs for various locations. Through Global Vet Link health certificates will also be able to initiated electronically.


Dr. Zach uses a powerfloat to perform all equine dental floats. Dr. Zach has been trained and educated in equine dental anatomy and procedures during veterinary school and through continuing education courses. This education is essential in providing the appropriate dental care for your horse. Dr. Zach’s dental procedures include yearly oral examinations utilizing a full mouth oral speculum, removing wolf teeth and routine dental floating. 


Elite Equine can perform a variety of reproductive services on the farm. Dr. Zach has the appropriate equipment and tools to perform the following:

  • Uterine cultures and biopsy
  • Ultrasound to check stage of mare’s cycle and pregnancy checks
  • Artificial insemination on farm

Elite Equine also provides services for new foal exams and post-partum exams for mares.


Dr. Zach will be available for after hour emergency services when in the area. There will be instances when Dr. Zach will be out of the area and unable to support after hour emergencies. There will be an associated after hour emergency fee of $100.00. Payment is required at the time of service for all emergency work. Please call the office number at 515-747-6231 to contact Dr. Zach after hours.




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